Hello world!

September 11, 2008

Hello all, welcome to my blog.  I dont have a clue how this works so please someone keep me right.

I will try and update this regularly but we will see 😉

If anyone wishes to show me how to work this i would be much obliged


New Additions!

July 30, 2009

Yesterday i found out i am going to be a dad again as my wife Tracey is pregnant.  Wonderful, amazing news and i am overcome with emotions that i do not think it has properly set in yet.  When Tracey told me she was pregnant with Alexander it took 6 or so months for it to register.  I hope this time it doesn’t take as long.  She is already nagging me as i do not look excited by it, but i am, i truely am.

I think it may be a guy think not to show emotions well but i do know that i am excited by the prospect of a new brother/sister for Alexander and a new additional member to our family.

I felt the need to share this news with you all and tell you, yes i am excited by it and i cannot wait until April to come around


General Assembly 2009 the end of an era

May 27, 2009

General Assembly 2009 the end of an era This was an emotional year at the General Assembly for me. This was my last year as a Youth Delegate and the last couple of days have been a rollercoaster of emotions. I was greatly missing my wife and son for the past 8 days and coming home tonight was a very warm and happy moment. The look on both my wife Tracey and my son Alexanders face was a picture that will stay with me forever. This years Assembly was mentally challenging as it was physically, if not more.

I have come away from the Assembly with more questions than answers again. I have not been to bed before 1am for the past 7 nights and i think it is starting to show. We, as Youth Delegates have had a great time mixing with each other and bonding well and i hope we can all keep in contact with so many new friends, as well as old ones that i have met before.

We had a great evening last night at Holyrood Palace for a beating of the retreat and then a Lord High Commisioners get together, where some of us may have had a little too much wine and the less said about that the better!!! Today was the last day of the Assembly and we were proud to have with us to address the Assembly Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Archbishop Tutu was a humble, spiritual, down to earth man. What he said to the Assembly was deep and meaningful and from my point of view greatly appriciative.

Growing up in and around the COSY network has helped strengthen my faith and belief and as this era of my life sadly comes to an end i know that if i was to go back i would change nothing. I have met so many wonderful people out of the General Assembly and i will continue to stay friends with all of them. They have all helped me grow in my life spiritually and emotionally and to every single Youth Delegate i have ever been to General Assembly with i thank you. Thank you for being there on this spitiual road we have walked together and thank you for your imput into my life. I am priviledged to have been involved in so many wonderful events in and around the COSY network and i hope that there are still a few more that i can continue to be involved in. I will be attending the National Youth Assembly in September this year in Stirling and that will be my official end. I do hope that i can still stay involved with everyone in some way. As one passage of my life comes to a conclusion i know that God has another door for me to open somewhere. I just thank God for everything i have done in my life and friends i have met and will continue to meet in my walk with God throughout my life.

Growing up

February 24, 2009

Been thinking about a lot recently.  This saturday sees me turning 25 (not an old age i hear you cry) and i still feel like very privileged to have acheived so much in that short time.  Graduated, Married, had a son, played rugby on Murrayfield (and won), visited and stayed in some exotic and mystical lands and met many friends on the way.  Its when you really start to grow up that you relise how many friends you actually have and do not see anymore.  I am very bad at keeping in contact with them for which i apologise.  Growing up see a lot of things happen that mean you drift apart from friends which is upsetting.  At uni (when i had a lot of time on my hands) i had so many friends i saw all the time from uni friends, COSY friends and rugby friends but working full time see that depleted, but i guess we all have to grow up!

Growing up has its upsides, your own independance, a family to look after and meeting new friends.

I guess what i am trying to say to you all is that i am sorry to any my friends whom i have lost contact with or nearly with and i hope to try better in the future so contact you.

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Not Man Seeking God, but God Seeking Man

February 17, 2009

Not Man Seeking God, but God Seeking Man!

Such a profound meaning.   Today i listened to a sermon online preached by a friend of mine.  He used this phrase throughout the sermon and got me thinking alot about it.

Christianity is not about us seeking God oh no, its about God seeking us.  Reaching out to us.  Coming down to Earth to be with us.  Becoming one with us!

I could never do the sermon justice by explaining what was said.  If any of you know Johnny Fraser it was him, and is posted on his Facebook page.  I urge you to listen to his uplifting message.

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